Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I've been tagged by Linda, a new blog friend.

Make a list of things you can see without getting up: I had planned on doing this from home, because the office just isn't that exciting, however...corporate holiday schedule, list of names and phone numbers I call frequently, calendar, Terrible Towel, monitor, CPU, phone and tray of pens, highlighters, stapler, and miscellaneous office paraphernalia.

What were you like when you were five? Really weird. I'd talk to anyone and I had imaginary cats.

What are you wearing now? Nothing. What are you wearing? ;) Just kidding, people. I'm wearing my uniform. Black t-shirt, black cardigan, jeans, black shoes, lime green scarf. Otherwise people wouldn't recognize me.

What story/book/novel have you read over and over again in your life? Assuming you mean fiction, The Count of Monte Cristo, Vanity Fair and Crime and Punishment.

What’s the last thing you read/are currently reading? Dante's The Divine Comedy and Descartes's Discourse On The Method. Yes, I really do read this stuff. There's not much thinking to be done at work these days, so I need something a little meaty lest my brain turn to jello.

Do you nap a lot? I love a nap. If I don't get at least one on the weekend, I feel like my weekend was wasted.

Who was the last person you hugged? My mom, I think. Over Christmas. I'm not a touchy feely person, really.

What’s your current fandom/obsession/addiction? Fandom: NCIS. I love this show. I'm watching the current season and trying to get caught up on past seasons. Obsession: sewing.

What was the last thing you ate today? A giant salad from Lilly's Pizza. I ordered it last night for lunch today.

What was the last thing you said aloud? "Certainly, if you can hold on for just a moment." I am at work, after all.

What websites do you always visit when you go online? Email, Facebook, Blogger dashboard, NY Times Online, then any new posts on the bazillion blogs I read.

What was the last thing you bought? A new cotton scarf in Chapel Hill. If you want me to be literal about it, pizza and a salad.

What are you listening to right now? Two coworkers discussing someone's pension paperwork, my boss just sneezed three times, a secretary is on a conference call, another coworker talking about his Hungry Man lunch. I hate open offices.

What movie are (or were!) you most excited to show your kids? No kids. If I did have kids, it would be anything and everything by Pixar. I would avoid Disney like the plague. I am convinced that Disney and Walmart are going to be the decline of Western Civilization. You heard it here first!

If you could have any super power, what would it be? Depends. Either the ability to stop time-I'm frequently late- or the ability to be invisible-how much fun would that be?

What is your favorite weather, and why? Either 60 and sunny with leaves falling all around me or 15 and snowy. I like cold.

What time do you usually get up? I don't sleep well, so the answer would be 4 or 5-ish, then 6:40 during the week. On the weekends, 4 or 5-ish, 6:30-ish then 8-ish.

What is your most challenging goal right now? Being patient. I'm waiting to hear when I'll get laid off. I've also applied to a baking and pastry program and I'm waiting to hear. I can't make any decisions about my life beyond the next 5 months right now and it's killing me.

Say something to the person who tagged you: Linda tagged me. I don't know her well at the moment. I have enjoyed reading her blog and look forward to getting some time soon to read her older posts.

If you could have a house–totally paid for, fully furnished–anywhere in the world, where would you want it to be? An old (like 18th or 19th century) apartment in Paris. The kind with a fireplace in every room, giant ceilings, French doors and parquet floors, and a nice big terrace. Located above a patisserie in a very hip neighborhood, naturally.

Favorite vacation spot? I'm not sure I have one. I like to travel to new places.

What is your favorite children’s book? Anything by Shel Silverstein. Grimm's Fairy Tales were good too.

Name one thing you just can’t resist no matter how bad it is for you: Potato Chips. I can't help it. I have a weakness for almond croissants too.

If you could meet anyone famous - dead or alive - who would it be? I have a very long list. The answer would depend on where it would be. If I'm going back in time, an ancient Greek philosopher would be cool. If they are coming over for tea, maybe Jane Austen or Edgar Allen Poe, but I'd really have to clean first.


Kristina P. said...

Wow, you get up hella early!!!

Linda said...

Eh, most of my older posts are all wedding related. Up until July I was obsessed with my wedding. I'm over that now.
Oh you read good meaty books. I think I'll be taking your recommendations.

Ina J Offret said...

Hi Meg! Saw your comment to Emily re the 2 finger scroll on iPhone... would you mind telling me more details.... I am so slow when checking blogs on my iPhone.... Thanks.....

Meg said...

Ina, I'll send you an email later tonight.

KP- it's rare I sleep through the night. It sucks. A lot.

Emily said...

I'd take an apt in Paris too. I love watching Househunters International on HGTV when they go to Paris.

They still make HungryMan dinners???? Wow! :)

Anonymous said...

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