Friday, January 30, 2009

TGIF, or Amy, Chapstick and stickers.

I sat in front of Amy Number One this morning. I heard her chattering to herself with different voices. From what I heard and what I could Google, it sounds like she was replaying an episode of Veggie Tales. She decided to strike up a conversation with me this morning. I had my headphones on, so she leaned over, got about two inches from my face and yelled at me. Surprisingly, she adjusted her tone of voice when I took out my earphones.

A: Did you put Chapstick on your lips?
M: a little surprised Yes, I did. I'm fanatical about using lipbalm. I hate when my lips are dry.
A: I used Chapstick on my lips. she starts rubbing her lips
M: Not knowing what else to say It's good to use Chapstick when in the winter when it's cold outside.
A: Are you going to be here in the afternoon?
M: I will but I ride a different bus than you in the afternoon.
A: Were you here yesterday?
M: I was.
A: Did you have Chapstick with you yesterday?
M: I did. I always carry it with me.
A: Were you here Wednesday?
M: I was here Wednesday.
A: Were you here Tuesday?
M: I was, but I was a little late. I overslept.
A: Were you here Monday?
M: No. I stayed home on Monday because I had a cold.
A: Are you going to be here on Monday?
M: Yes, I will.
A: Do you have any stickers?
M: No. I don't think I have any stickers at home either. Do you like stickers?
A: I like stickers. What's your name?
M: I thought we'd been through this already. Meg.
A: Meg what?
M: Pilarski
A: What?
M: Pilarski.
A: Spell it.
M: P-I-L-A-R-S-K-I
A: Spell it again.
M: P-I-L-A-R-S-K-I
A: P-A-R...
M: P-I-L-A-R-S-K-I
A: spelling it with me P-I-L-A-R-S-K-I
At this point, she sits back. At one minutes intervals, she sits up and tries to spell my last name again. After three tries, she gets it and looks very pleased with herself.

About three minutes later, she sits up again.
A: Meg, am I behaving like I am supposed to?
M: Yes, Amy, you're very good.
A: I'm not going to make mouse noises anymore.
M: Oh, okay. Are you not supposed to make mouse noises?
A: Only children make mouse noises. I'm sitting like a lady. She sort of alludes to the bitchy bus driver telling her all of this.
A: A few minutes later I'm being a good girl.
M: You're always good Amy.

I have to run to Target and the craft store anyway this weekend, but I think I might pick up some stickers for her. I also want to ask her on Monday who told her that only children make mouse noises. It's one thing for this bus driver to ask her to not ring the bell while we're on I-40. It's quite another if she's telling Amy she has to sit like a lady.l


Kristina P. said...

You are such a good friend! I'm sure she will love the stickers.

Anonymous said...

You're so kind. I'm sure she'll love the stickers.. and why can't she make mouse noises if she's not harming anyone?

FoxyMoron said...

I believe in mouse noises.

I loved that post Meg. You are so sweet and patient.

CailinMarie said...

Yay for MEG!

I think it is wonderful you told Amy she was behaving. I think we all need someone to tell us we are behaving some days :-) and I sure hope Amy gets to see you Monday.

Cellar Door said...

I had a dream last night that I was your bitchy bus driver, and I was dodging VW- sized potholes all over town.

Very strange.

Meg said...

I believe I may practice my mouse noises.

I wish CD was my bus driver. But I doubt with 20 years of practice she could be the bitchy bus driver.

3 Bay B Chicks said...

This post was like reading a conversation between you and Rain Man. If you can't find any stickers this weekend, might I suggest some Cherry Chapstick? I have a feeling that it would make a big splash with Amy.


PS: Thanks for the fist bump. It was far and away my most favorite cyber gesture that I have ever received. I have been high-fived, but never fist bumped.