Monday, March 16, 2009

Gloom, doom, and five days of heavy rain.

It's been raining for four days. And when I say rain, I mean pouring. It's going to rain tomorrow. We can expect a nice day on Wednesday and more rain on Thursday. I don't usually mind rain, but seriously. Enough is enough.

1. Rain causes earthworms to come up out of the dirt at the office park. They squirm and float in the puddles, where they die and rot making the office complex smell like the docks at low tide.

2. When said earthworms die and the rain dries up, the worms shrivel up on the warm side walk which is equally gross.

3. I haven't seen the sun since last Thursday. It has been cold and grey.

4. I made matzo ball soup for dinner tonight. Matzo ball soup makes everything better.

5. Rain makes everyone stir crazy. Even kittens that have never gone outside.

6. All I want to do is sit around in my flannel pjs and drink tea.

7. Last night's Iron Chef America episode was awesome. It will be on again on Thursday at 9 PM.

8. This much rain is what it takes to flood Crabtree Valley Mall. Good thing the Apple, Bare Escentuals and Sephora stores are all on the second floor. Oooh, Williams-Sonoma is on the second floor too. Excellent.

9. Five days of 100% humidity is not good for my hair.

10. We've received 2 inches of rain in the past 4 days.


Kristina P. said...

Was last night's Iron Chef the one with your friend? Am I remembering this correctly?

I did watch, but I didn't see who won!

Meg said...

My brother's boss, yes! He won. It was a great episode. He won by 10 points!

Cellar Door said...

I highly approve of your use of the list.

FoxyMoron said...

Scoop up those worms and go fishing Meg! Elvis will love you for it. :)

Meg said...

1. The rain is making me too crazy to do anything other than make a list.

2. Why won't it stop raining? I can here it outside. Pouring.

3. The worms are gross. They are all slimy and anemic looking. The smell awful. It's all I can do to walk to the bus stop with out gagging.

Debbie said...

It has been raining here forever.

tchaike said...

Yeah, I'm upstairs. Which means they'll never close me for "inclement weather." And I can't blame stock shortages on water damage.

Anonymous said...

Say - is it raining where you are?

Drinking tea in PJs sounds great!

Kathy B! said...

Take that Bobby! He's too pompous for my taste (I love puns:) ).

You think I could get Mr. Flay to come and do a cake bakeoff with me?!

As for the rain?! I'm building an ark in the swimming pool as we speak. When the water level gets high enough we'll all just float away... Come join :)

Meg said...

Kathy B, I'll be there just as soon as I figure out how to convince Williams-Sonoma to move downstairs in the mall, closer to the floodplain. I could go for some Le Creuset "damaged" by inclement weather.