Sunday, July 27, 2008

Free gift with purchase!

I bought my sofa a few years ago from a thrift store for $50. It is very large and very brown. It also happens to be filled with down, so it's super comfortable. It has a matching ottoman, also large and brown. Except for the color, it was a great find. The color isn't a problem really, because I keep it covered.

When I sit on the sofa, I have a tendency to sit on two cushions, rather than just one. The other night, I realized the edges of the two cushions were getting flat and lifted up the cover to rearrange them. I don't remember the last time I actually took the cushions off the sofa. In fact, I may never have done so. The movers wrapped the sofa in plastic leaving the cushions on. imagine my surprise when I picked up a sofa cushion to reveal a Swatch watch.

I went out the other night with to friends. The subject of Swatches came up. I bought a friend's son a Swatch for his birthday. He's not so sure about it now because no one else in middle school has one. He's eleven. What does he know? I love Swatches. Always have. Their just good fun. I have had many Swatches over the years, however I swear that I have no recollection of purchasing or being gifted this mystery Swatch. It's the "unisex" one. On the face is a face, half man, half woman. The strap has men in brightly colored wigs, the word "unisex" and a naked man. Suffice it to say, not one of my first choices in a watch. I put that on the list with the Bunny Sutra Swatch.

Once I get a new battery, I will wear my new Swatch with pride. Gay Pride.

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