Thursday, July 31, 2008

Live from the District Drive Park and Ride!

Y'all I had to get off the bus today because the guy in front of me smelled so bad! I am serious! I couldn't take it anymore. Since I do not yet posses the ability to hold my breath for 45 minutes, I had to jump ship. The next bus will be here tout suite thankfully.

There are a number of riders with wicked funky BO, but homeslice was something else.

And now I wait. I think fresh air is worth another ten minutes.

Peace, love and bathtime to all!


Rae said...

OH I totally had that one time on BART when we lived in the Bay Area -- this whole car was empty during rush hour so we got on and then realized why...the guy smelled so bad we had to get off at the next stop.

ipa said...

I flew from London to San Fran sitting next to a British bloke who smelled like a rotten sack of potatoes combined with a good night's out worth of puke.
There was no getting off the bus. My eyes watered for 11 hours.