Sunday, October 5, 2008

I'm 23. Why do you ask?

Today is my birthday. All day, as Pappy would say. I'm...cough...hack...thirty...cough...six. Jesus, that seems old. As you can tell, I'm not happy about it. I am lucky to share a birthday with the now 12 year old son of two good friends. This means I get to pass the birthday buck, so to speak. To tell the truth, I really don't like being the center of attention, even if it's among people I know. It's nice that I can point to the kid and say, "but it's his birthday too!"

October 5th happens to be the most common birthday. More people are born on this day than any other. Cool, huh? I'm a statistic. Here's a short list of people with whom I share a birthday.

1829 Chester A Arthur
1902 Larry Fine*
1902 Ray Kroc
1917 Allen Ludden*
1919 Donald Pleasence*
1923 Glynis Johnson*
1951 Karen Allen
1954 Bob Geldof
1957 Bernie Mac
1957 Sid Vicious**
1965 Mario Lemieux
1965 Patrick Roy
1967 Guy Pierce
1972 Grant Hill
1975 Kate Winslet
1980 Paul Thomas*
1983 Nikki Hilton

*I really don't feel like looking these people up. Does anyone know who they are?

**On Sid...Wikipedia mistakenly has his birthday as March something. Rolling Stone Mag confirmed it as Oct 5 many years ago. While I find Rolling Stone suspect for their wanton worship of Fergie, I find Wikipedia suspect in every aspect.


Anonymous said...

Donald Pleasence - I'm sure you know him - from James Bond - You Only Live Twice. He played Blofeld and was always stroking a white Persian cat in a very sinister way.

He also played in the Halloween films and in the superb classic, The Great Escape (with Steve McQueen).

What I'm trying to say is that he was a British actor. (he died in 1995.)

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh - how could I forget?

Hope you had a lovely relaxing birthday!

Meg said...

Okay....I do think I know him. He must be the inspiration for the Mr. Bigglesworth bit Mike Myers does too.

Thanks for the birthday wishes!

FoxyMoron said...

Hope you had a happy birthday Meg!Ah you're Libran so that explains a lot.
I turn 49 on Thursday so enjoy the 36 thing. And thank your stars that you're too young to know who Sid Vicious was!!

tchaike said...

Larry Fine you definitely know. Think "Three Stooges." Happy Birthday!

Meg said...

Oh, that's right....I did know Larry Fine. He's also from Pittsburgh! I never knew what his last name was!

Zelmarific said...

I'm so glad you're not really 23! You're so much more mature than me. I waited a long time to read the post, because I believed you were 23, and it made me feel like such a reckless immature idiot at 34.

But, hey, happy belated birthday!

Zelmarific said...

Oh, I guess I posted as my daughter! In that case, I'm only one! :)

Meg said...

Why Zelma, you look great for 23! So young!

Hee hee.

That's funny that you think I'm more mature than misguided as that may be. :) I always think that people who are married and have kids are so much older than me. I still think I'm too young to have kids or a husband. (I better get over that idea quick!)