Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Today's observations

1. On the way home today from work, I sneezed. Normally, this bodily function is not blog-worthy. But this is what happened when I sneezed.

Seriously, he's two seats in front of me, people. What the hell?

2. I learned today that Floyd does not wear socks. Something about this disturbs me.

3. This morning, the backdoor got stuck. Sarge kept his cool and called for a new bus, which was around the corner. We got off the old bus, boarded the new one, and were off. He was not about to be late twice in one week. Sarge had a hard time convincing Amy Number One she didn't need to swipe her pass to get on the new bus. When she realized it was not necessary, she thanked Sarge. It was cute. (She got in trouble with him last week for ringing for a stop when she wasn't supposed to. "You better be good now, Amy," was what he said to her.) Sarge got us to the Transfer Center with three minutes to spare. After he got off the bus to stretch his legs, I heard him talking to Floyd. "They were stressing me out this morning!" One thing I like the most about him is that all of the other drivers call him by his last name. They'll refer to each other by first name, except Sarge. They call him Mr. Spivey. I've never heard his first name used. Not even by Floyd, who may be older than Sarge!

4. I also wanted to let you know I figured out where Crunchberries come from. They come from this tree in my front yard.

Weighing the number of fallen Crunchberries on the ground against the squirrel and bird activity in the front yard, I am going out on a limb and say they are not edible. Perhaps Cap'n Crunch has to freeze-dry them first.

5. The beer dinner was superb. I'll post photos later.


LadyFi said...

Very funny post! Thanks for the laugh.

FoxyMoron said...

Yes you are funny. But the biggest kick (call me Australian)was to see a close up photo of the inside of the bus. I know... I know.

Emily said...

Randomly found your blog - so funny! I must say, I don't like people sneezing around me either, however putting a newspaper over my head would be going a tad too far. Think of all the germs in it anyways....

Meg said...

Hi Emily! Welcome! Thanks for stopping by!

I have to agree that I don't want someone sneezing on me. However, I was several seats behind him and I covered my mouth, you know, being an adult and all. Maybe I should carry a little face mask with me and next time this happens, I'll give it to him.