Friday, October 10, 2008

It takes a village.

The first bus I take home in the evening is the 48, which uses LabCorp as its second time point. I was sitting in the back of the bus and I noticed an unusually large crowd in the front. The LabCorp building is next to an office building, and next to each is woods for a good half mile in either direction. This means that we expect people to get off at that stop in the morning and on at that stop in the evening, which is 99% of the time what happens. This stop happens to be shared with the Number 15 DATA bus, which is hardly ever used since the DATA buses are terrifying and run every hour and a half in rush hour traffic. Now that we have that straight, here's what happened Friday afternoon. Keep in mind I'm a little fuzzy on the specifics because I was the asshole in the back of the bus yakking away on the cell phone. (I hate those people!)

Floyd pulls up to LabCorp stop. One young girl gets off, three people get on. Floyd starts to drive, but wonders aloud what Young Girl is trying to do. Floyd stops the bus and opens the doors. Cross Eyed Mary also wonders aloud what Young Girl wants to do. This propmts Lefty to perk up as well. Floyd, the halo wearing bus driver, is having trouble getting Young Girls attention, so he honks at her and motions for her to get back on the bus. Floyd asks her where she is going. I didn't hear what she said, but this prompts Floyd to do a lot of gesturing and pointing. Cross Eyed Mary suddenly has something to say, and is now standing in the front of the bus with Floyd and Young Girl. Another woman picks up a schedule opens it, and heads to the front. I look up again and three people, including Floyd, are holding schedules and pointing in different directions. Young Girl looks even more confused. I am fairly certain that at some point, Red Headed Stranger gets in on this too. This carries on for, I kid you not, ten minutes before everyone sits down and Floyd closes the doors and drives on. Miraculously, we arrived on time at the Transfer Center.

Fear not, loyal readers. If you find yourself on a bus and unsure of where to go, there will be five people armed with schedules and an opinion on your travel plans.

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