Saturday, October 25, 2008

It only took three and a half hours, but I finished.

My photos of the NC State Fair on Flickr. All 368 of them.


Zelmarific said...

Deep fried twinkies? Deep fried candy bars? deep fried vegetables? deep fried mac n' cheese? What next?

And I thought it was weird they've got deep fried cheese here in Wisconsin!

Hey, was that you eating a leg of lamb? Is that what lacto-ovo-baco-vegetarian means?;)

Some of those night pictures of the rides are beautiful.

Meg said...

Thanks! I'm still getting used to the new camera, but I'm happy with what I got.

Deep fried pecan pie. Deep fried pb&j. Deep fried cheeseburgers. Deep fried moonpies. Yeah, baby. There was deep fried Coca-Cola last year, but it was just dough with Coke poured on it. Southern people fry everything that won't walk away. It's amazing.

I should have take a picture for you of the "Hot Wisconsin Cheese" place. I have a friend from these who goes there every year.

No, I didn't eat lamb. I did power through a turkey leg though. Any diet restrictions are out the window when I go to the fair. Except baby animals. I just can't do it.

Anonymous said...

My my .. so much food! And the ice cream.. oh and those cute litte Nemo balloons. Will have to browse a bit more - great photos!

Meg said...

Thanks, Lady Fi. The Fair is all about the food!