Friday, November 21, 2008

...and you can go to Helen Hunt for it, part four.

I have to wonder how a pair of boxer shorts ends up on the sidewalk on Hillsborough Street. Please, someone, explain to me how you lose your underpants. Presumably, you're wearing they just can't fall off, right?

Alas, there are things that I am just not destined to understand. Why I must step over a blue plaid pair of boxer shorts on my way to the bus stop every day this week is one of those things.


Trying to Stay Calm! said...

Hey I hope you have an awesome weekend! Check out my blog to get your awards with l♥ts of l♥ve from me :) ♥ Hugs! :) Shauna

CailinMarie said...

hmm... lets play that game my mother used to make us play when we had to sit around an airport and wiat for ever... maybe someone was coming home from the laundromat - no too boring - maybe someone was being chased my a giant rabid rottweiler and it got their pants - which they managed to kick off and so escaped, because the rotty was happy with the slim jim in the pocket but as they were running down the street, their boxers, whixh were too big to begin with, slipped off, and they were almost home and just decided to keep going because it is too cold in N.C. to stop for anything.
yes, much better. look sweetheart, you get a star. Now, why do you think that crabby old lady has blue hair?

Meg said...

I love it!!!!

Dots said...

Ha ha ha.. you know, I've often wondered myself, when I've seen boxers and vests lying on sidewalks..