Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Why I love Macy's, or I'm sorry...I saved how much?

In case you haven't checked the weather in Raleigh lately, it's butt ass cold here. Cold enough, in fact, for it to snow today. Yup, peeps, we gots flurries. And, yes, I went running outside each time it started "snowing" today.

It also made me realize I needed a new winter coat. For some reason, I have never had a long black wool dress coat. I am not sure exactly who is responsible for this oversight, however, I am willing to let this go since the situation has been rectified. I have a bunch of cool coats, but they all end at the waist. When it's 28 degrees at the bus stop, I'd like a little more coverage.

I hopped a bus to the mall and hit Macy's. I got there a little after 7 PM and had a hair appointment at 7:45. I've learned a time limit is crucial in this process. There was a lovely girl working in the coat department. I told her I wanted a knee length wool black coat. She kept picking up short coats and asking me, "what about this?" She tried to give me a fuzzy one, but not good fuzzy. Just cheap K-Mart coat fuzzy. I tried on a few coats, one Guess, one Kenneth Cole, one Larry Levine (like, who?). Knowing how much I was planning on spending, I was looking for a good style, a good fit and a designer name. (I'm not going to lie here. The label was as important as the style. But you have to believe I don't usually care about that kind of thing. Much.) I was distracted by the hats. I found a black wool and velvet cloche that I wore home, thankyouverymuch. As I was about to give up, a divine light shone down from the designer heavens on a lovely DKNY coat. The fit was perfect. The style? Definitely that French girl look I love. Oh, but wait, there's more! The price? $295. (Eeeep!) The sale? 50% off. Let's see, I do the math and came up with roughly $150. Okay, I can handle that. Sales Girl rings me up and the coat rings up for...$118. Boo-yow. With the hat, I ended up spending the $150 I had planned on the coat alone. I also made my 7:45 appointment.

I love Macy's because I seem to have a psychic connection to their marketing department. Anything I need, a coat, kitchen stuff, a couple new dress shirts...there ya go! It's on super sale. Always. When I moved in last year, I needed a bunch of new kitchen stuff, colanders, pots and pans, etc. Macy's had the Martha Stewart stuff on sale. With my extra 20% off coupon, it was a mega sale. I think I got a 10 piece pot set, two colanders, a chili pot, and four small cast iron casseroles for less than $200. No really, I did.

I can't wait to wear the coat tomorrow. Now I just need the perfect scarf.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you got yourself a lovely wool coat -and a good bargain too!

Meg said...

I wore it this morning. I love it. Macy's rules.

CailinMarie said...

a good coat is esential - I've had the same one since JR. year of High School :-) and I'm all about looking for a nice name on an essential piece - I mean - it is a wardrobe cornerstone -
Macy's Marketing needs to hire you - they have no idea what they are missing here!

Meg said...

Yeah, the Larry Levine coat fit me well. The color wasn't quite right, but still...I mean, who is that guy?

FoxyMoron said...

*sigh* I love sales.