Monday, November 24, 2008

The More You Know

Welcome to the first ever Meg On The Bus Public Service Announcement. I feel I need to bring up an important subject here today. Dear Readers, there has been much discussion recently at my new favorite blog, Pulsipher Predelictions, about a very controversial subject. I try to keep out of this blog my very personal thoughts or convictions, however I feel I can no longer remain mute. Folks, I need to speak to you about something near and dear to my heart. Chocolate covered bacon. (You heard me.)

There is no food that cannot be improved by either chocolate or bacon. Am I right? Following that logic, adding bacon to chocolate can only make chocolate yummier. Thus adding chocolate to bacon will only make bacon better too. Chocolate covered bacon is good. Very good. Like any food, the quality of the finished product is a direct result of the sum of its ingredients. People, use the good stuff. Buy the thick cut applewood smoked bacon. Buy a fancy-pants brand of chocolate. Treat yourself. The holidays are coming. (Ho ho ho, y'all.) There seem to be two schools of thought here. It appears most people like to coat a whole piece of bacon in chocolate. Personally, I like to cut the bacon into nice bite size pieces. Truffles, if you will. I have had these delectable bacon morsels lovingly dipped in dark chocolate with just a dusting of grey salt. Several folks, including Mrs. Pulsipher, have topped theirs with crushed almonds. I personally wonder if crushed smoked almonds might be very nice as well.

In stores, one might be inclined to buy a certain hoity-toity brand of chocolate bar with bacon morsels for the low, low sum of $8. ::cough, cough::Vosges::cough, cough:: Do not be fooled. It is not nearly as good as what you are capable of making at home. (Nor will you enjoy the weird after taste of that bar, which will be noticeably absent from the stuff you make) You can do this. You will enjoy this.

Here are a few places to get started:

Kevin's CCB

Yum Sugar's Chocolate Covered Bacon

He's an Iron Chef. I think he knows what tastes good.

And knowing is half the battle.


Kristina P. said...

My recipe was actually Symon's which is where I first heard about the concoction.

One of my readers actually emailed me yesterday to inform me that there is a place in Salt Lake that sells it, so I may have to try their version.

I am so happy you are so passionate about the subject!

Meg said...

Oh, right. Now that you say that, I make the connection with the whole almonds thing. *ahem* Good thing I'm pretty!!!! Heh ahhh. Yeah.

Emily said...

Could you deep fry the chocolate covered bacon? Because THAT would be something awesome :)

Meg said...

Holy schiznit! That's it! That's the million dollar NC State Fair idea! Batter it, put it on a stick, fry it. Oh yeah, baby. Of course, Emily, you'd have to come work the booth at the Fair with us, since it was your idea and all.

Scratch what I said earlier. There is nothing that is not improved by one of THREE things....bacon, chocolate, or deep fat frying!

FoxyMoron said...

No, no, no, no NO. I can't believe I got through that post without barfing.

Here is my confession. Even though I am a woman, I don't care too much for chocolate. There. I've said it. I feel so alienated, so left out, so not....womanly.

But I love bacon. I do. I love it.

Anonymous said...

Yew... I hate bacon and anything deep fried! But I love chocolate.. Hey - two out of three ain't bad!

Meg said...

What? WHAT! Foxy doesn't like chocolate and Fi doesn't like bacon or anything deep fried? How...? Wha...? *head explodes*

Clearly Lady Fi has never spent much time in The South, where anything and everything gets fried. Refer to my State Fair photos for reference!

Cellar Door said...

Sorry, but YUCK! :P

I don't like chocolate or bacon. I realize, however, that that means I am not human, and I am okay with that.

Meg said...

Seriously, y'all are killin' me.