Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Big TTA news!

Just so y'all know, on Monday morning, the Triangle Transit buses begin using the new and improved Transfer Center at 901 Slater Road in RTP. The drivers also switch routes. I have no idea who my drivers will be, so I'll keep ya posted about that. You can go here to see the new routes. Personally, I am excited about shortening my commute by 10 minutes. I'll try to remember to bring my camera for photos of the new digs.

There hasn't been much bus news lately. Sorry about that.

Sarge, in his typical "why be on time when you can be early" spirit, decided we needed to get used to the new schedule today, so I nearly missed my bus, as did Chatty Cathy and her new BFF. There's some woman who's also new on the bus. They share a bench in the morning and smoke themselves silly. Takes the pressure off me to be nice at 7 AM.

Floyd has decided to work the 3 PM to midnight shift driving the express routes, so I won't see him again for 6 months probably. This is too bad because I really like the guy.

Cherry Cough Syrup Lady has finally toned it down. A week or two ago, on a Thursday I was sitting up front chatting with Boyfriend, as usual. When we got to the park and ride, I saw her waiting for the bus, so I got up and bolted for the back of the bus. When we arrived at the Transfer Center, I walked up to the front of the bus to talk to him. He thought it was funny. He also thinks she reeks. He told me it's actually hairspray, not perfume. What's especially amusing about that is what her hair looks like. She always has a big clump sticking straight out in the back. Same spot, every day. It's awesome.

Okay, gotta go...NCIS is on. Have I told y'all I'm addicted? Seriously. I got it bad for this show.


Anonymous said...

Funny story about the Cherry Cough Syrup lady.. And - are you REALLY allowed to smoke on buses??? Yeow... Smoking in public places is banned in many parts of Europe these days - so pubs and restaurants, trains and buses etc.. are smoke-free.

Thank goodness!

Meg said...

No, they were at the bus stop. Thankfully, no smoking on buses, even in NC where in the 70s they advertised tobacco as a vegetable! (Seriously!) But you can still smoke in most places here. Tobacco is one of the main crops/industries here. Until that changes, which it never will, smoking is here to stay. All of the major American tobacco companies are headquartered here.

CailinMarie said...

Hey lady - how is the new bus route? Does that mean they are switching drivers on you? I'm only getting them straight!!! Cherry Cough Syrup lady is new to me though - yeesh