Sunday, November 16, 2008

Boating is fun, we'll show you how!

Just past the Fairgrounds and the Vet School there is a building with the words "United States Power Squadrons" on it. Out front is something that appears to be a ship's mast, but there is never anything hanging on it, you know sails or flags or whatever. Finally, there is a parking lot out front which is always empty.

Now, my more astute readers may have inferred by this point that I have perhaps a than most. As well, you may not know that I like comic books, more the graphic novel variety, but I like the men in tights kind too.

I keep forgetting to Google United States Power Squadrons. This morning I remembered. I hope I can express the depth of my disappointment in learning they actually deal in safe boating. The whole boat thing? Not really a disguise! I was truly expecting to learn we had secret spandex-clad super heros right here in Raleigh. I was hoping to find on the website a signal or call or something to summon these guys when I witness or suffer an injustice. Alas, the only thing they can help me with is a boating safety course.

For those who don't know, Raleigh is completely and totally landlocked.


Cellar Door said...

You have a unique mind. I would've thought of the same thing. Very disappointing that they aren't a fighting crime squad.

Unrelatedly, you didn't name your old cat, Truman, after Truman Capote, did you? Truman Capote is one of my favorite authors of all time.

Meg said...

It just seems obvious to me. I am not giving up hope that the X-Men series is actually a tell all biography.

Yes, he was named after Truman Capote, also one of my favorite writers. Oddly enough, the cat had a very similar personality.