Monday, December 8, 2008

I think I'm thawing out.

I left my office at 5 o'clock as usual. My bus did not arrive at 5:04 like its supposed to. Instead, it arrived at 5:40. After three calls to the customer service and dispatch folks. Seems my bus driver got lost. When it's your job to drive a in blazes do you get lost? Especially when your route takes you out of the Transfer Center and all you do to get back is turn right repeatedly. Oh, and behind your seat is a rack of schedules with little maps on them. Oh, and you have a radio to communicate with the dispatchers who can tell you where to go. Oh, and you have a clipboard with the route on it with directions and the times. How. Do. You. Get. LOST!!!!!!!!!!! Did I mention it was 40 degrees out? (I know you Wisconsin and Sweden peoples will mock my 40 degrees, but that's cold for here!)

On my second bus, there was a new hottie. I think I might have seen him before. Tall, rugged Indian dude with a bicycle. Yum! Which got me thinking about the time I did eHarmony...shut up...and for about two solid months, they were only setting me up with Indian guys with giant moustaches. Apparently, I would make a good Indian wife. I can cook Indian food quite well and have no doubt I'd be hot in a sari. It's just the moustache thing I can't get past. This guy didn't have one. Thankfully. Which made me forget all about being late.

Gotta go bake cookies! Later, y'all.


CailinMarie said...

I am quite with you. Buses run on time. That is the deal. Bus drivers do not get lost. That is the deal. In an orderly universe these things are givens.
40 minutes late is a big deal.
Last week our school bus came 20 minutes early. What? 20 minutes??? I think at least one of the kids was still in PJs and one was probably still eating and I KNOW their lunches weren't packed yet. How can you run a bus 20 minutes early?
And so the oldest missed being assessed by the social worker as part of the child study I have fought so darn hard for. Because we missed the bus. And then, not realizing we had missed it, we waited for it. For at least 20 minutes. They got to school very late. I even called dispatch. They said it was coming. They never said it CAME already.
What the heck?

Kristina P. said...

Hey, I met my husband on a Mormon dating site, so no judgement here.

And I would totally let you bring the Chacon chip cookies. I do say that you can bring chocolate chip cookies if they are unique. Those would definitely qualify.

Meg said...

20 minutes EARLY? A school bus? That's nuts! If a bus arrives a few minutes late, a good driver can make that up on the highway or whatever. If your bus is early, you are guaranteeing people are late! How could you possibly know the bus is early? You don't so you wait. You can't make up for that time.

I hope you could make up the social worker meeting!

FoxyMoron said...

Oh THAT kind of Indian. I was thinking the other kind.
I'd be complaining to someone Caillin Marie, that is so wrong, especially for a school bus.
I met my husband through a singles column in a newspaper.

Anonymous said...

I'm not mocking you from Sweden where it is hardly below zero C at the moment.

Meg said...

40F is not that much warmer than 0C if I remember my chemistry right. Which I am sure I don't.