Thursday, December 11, 2008

Rainy day blues

It's pouring outside. There's a four car pile up on I-40 that has traffic so backed up it holding people up on the roads surrounding I-40. I have a cookie swap to get to in an hour and ten minutes. I'm listening to some Miles Davis to keep me calm. And now the bus just made a horrific metallic rattling noise. Twice. I am never getting to my cookie swap. I baked 10 dozen cookies in vain.

I heard some interesting scuttlebutt from the guy behind me. A DATA bus hit a car and killed two people this afternoon. I'll look for more on that later.

On my first bus tonight, Sam was driving a craptacular beat-down bus with no radio, no fare box and lights that gave a show mimicing the finest Parisian disco, which I am pretty sure means it didn't have an alternator either. Sam was driving the "parts bus" because his boss was mad at him for complaining to HR about something. Sam has a bum knee and has had surgery on it. He has a handicap tag for his car that he only uses when his knee hurts. His boss told him he couldn't park in the handicapped spaces, even though he has a tag. He went to HR about that. Good for him. He also went to his HR lady to talk about going on FMLA because his wife needs treatment for her arthritis once a month and can't do it alone. The HR lady told him he shouldn't go on FMLA for it because that's wasting it, which is bad. Just bad. She should not have an opinion whatsoever. I talked to him about it a little tonight, but I'll need to print up some information for him to educate him on what it is and what his rights are. Unless he really really misunderstood what she was saying, which I sincerely hope it the case, it sounds like this lady is on crack.


Kristina P. said...

Did you make the Chacon cookies? Can't wait to hear all about it!

Blue in Green said...

Unfortunate about the collision.

Meg said...

KP: Posting tonight from home details of the cookie swap.

BinG: Looked on both Durham and Raleigh's news papers online-nothing about a bus killing people. I'm not sure it happened. A high school student was killed in a crash yesterday not involving a bus. Maybe they were confused.

Anonymous said...

Hope you got to your cookie swap!

It's raining cats and dogs here too.

FoxyMoron said...

Damn girl don't leave us hanging, did you get to the cookie swap or not? And what is a cookie swap?