Saturday, December 20, 2008

Kennywood's open!*

As I was coming home from North Hills this afternoon, I noticed the young man sitting across from me. He was young, maybe early 20s, short brown hair. He had a Five Guys hat and red t-shirt. There was nothing terribly remarkable about him, except for the giant hole in his jeans below the zipper. I could tell he was wearing olive green and white boxers. He either didn't notice or didn't care. I suspect it was a bit of both. He was going through the bus schedules. I think he took one of each.

*To those of you not from Pittsburgh, Kennywood is a small theme park in the city. The mascot is Kenny Kangaroo. School districts will close for a "picnic day" at Kennywood each spring. Everyone from the school district goes. They have wooden roller coasters. It's a really cool park. The phrase "Kennywood's open" has nothing to do with the park. Uttering that phrase to anyone who grew up within an hour or two drive of Pittsburgh will cause them to immediately examine the zipper on their pants. No joke. My brother was in a class with a 58 year young guy from the Pittsburgh side of West Virginia. This guy apparently came to class one day with his fly down. My brother said to him, "Kennywood's open." This guy immediately turned around, zipped him pants and no one was any the wiser. True story, people.


Kristina P. said...

That story about the park is so weird! And funny!

And Five Guys is my favorite burger joint, hands down. Much better than In N Out.

Meg said...

I'd be willing to bet that no one from Pittsburgh could tell you where or when the "Kennywood's open" phrase came to mean "zip your fly." But it does.

I actually love In and Out more, but maybe just because we don't have them here. Since Five Guys doesn't have the 1,000 Island dressing for the burgers, I can't really compare them. Five Guys has awesome fries and a Zagat rating. How great is that?

FoxyMoron said...

Love that Meg. And I assume you two are talking burger joints?
Mmmm burgers.........

Meg said...

You are correct, my Aussie friend.

InNOut burger:
I get mine Animal Style, no tomatoes YUM!

Five Guys:

Both of these places are great because the menu is so limited.

Cellar Door said...

When I went to Kennywood for my fifth grade school picnic, I went on the pair of roller coasters called "the racers", which just means there are two identical roller coasters, running on tracks side by side. My roller coaster missed its stopping point. It just kept going a few feet after where it was supposed to stop. The other one stopped, and they let everyone off, but we were stuck- much to my delight. We road around two more times before they could get it to stop in front of the platform. Children on it were crying. Everyone was wondering how long we would have to be on the roller coaster before they called the fire department. IT WAS AWESOME!

Meg said...

I know the Racers. I've ridden the Racers. That's the best story ever!!!

Anonymous said...

Too funny!

And wooden roller coasters - cool!