Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Brokedown Bus

The 105 broke down in front of the Vet School. Approximately four minutes after the NCSU Wolfline that goes by went out of service right at the same spot. Luckily another 105 came by about 10 minutes later and picked us up. It was standing room only to downtown until we hit the library at NCSU. That is where the Indian co-op kids get off the bus. All eighteen of them. I've never seen that bus so packed. I guess this means gas is still $4 a gallon. Also on the happy news front, it was only 91 degrees after work today so sitting on a dead bus wasn't that unbearable. It always amazes me how fast the TTA can recover from something like that. It has almost no impact on the passengers.

The Other Amy was sitting across the aisle from me. She is reading Lonesome Dove. Her taste in books is a bit odd, if I do say so myself.

I think I forgot to mention the Asian lady at the Park and Ride in the mornings. Every morning, like clockwork, for the past few weeks, she asks the driver where he's going. The bus either says "105 RTP Slater Road" or "105 Raleigh Moore Square" on the rolling marquis. Mine says RTP. Every morning she asks the driver if he's going downtown. Of course, he says no. And she gets this really confused look on her face. It's funny. And it's been going on since before I went to Vermont.

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