Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hot enough to fry an egg, hot enough to...

Today should be the last hundred degree day for the next week or so. Thankfully. There was a guy walking down Hillsborough Street near Locopops with a pink wash cloth on his head. He was this big, tough looking dude. And it was a little, pink wash cloth.

MSG was back this afternoon. Did I mention he cut his hair? No more bowl cut. Today in the polo shirt and khakis, he just looked vanilla. It made me sad. I hate to say it, but I liked the bowl cut better.

Bob waived at me this morning while I was walking to my bus. He was wearing sunglasses over his glasses this morning. The usual three overstuffed tote bags, headphones AND ear plugs. Seriously, if I ever turn up missing, it was him. I'm tellin' ya. Bob did it. At the bus stop. With the tote bag. Call the po po.

There was just an ad on tv for a State Farm agent named Chuck Tickle. That's awesome.

Amy Number One had a major case of the sniffles this morning. Last week, I was sitting behind her. Her butt must have been itchy, because she scratched it. I'm talking a full on, hand down the back of her pants, in her big pink grannie panties kind of scratch. I was both amused and grossed out at the same time.

I got my camera cable today in the mail. (Thanks, ma!) Pictures coming soon!

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Rae said...

I'm so excited -- I'm your very first bloglines subscriber! Your blog is too funny; I've just got to get my dosage more regularly...

Re: Sewing for Dummies, I'd say you're definitely too smart for patterns.

And thanks for the props on the tops (ha!)