Saturday, August 2, 2008

Today's Forecast: Hot with a 10% chance of being able to sit down for five minutes.

I had to work today. This would annoy me to no end if I did not get in a nice seven mile bike ride. Sadly, on the way to work, I was bitch-slapped by a sycamore tree. This did not make me happy. I swear it stuck a branch out just as I was riding by.

My friend, B Dalton Book Idiot, was waiting in front of the Chargrill this morning. He was leaning back on the bench, with his hands down the front of his pants. He was moving his mouth like he was chewing. That takes creepy to a whole new level.

I had to go into to work to rearrange files. Oh joy. It was another scorcher today, so I was a sweaty mess by the time I got to the office. (Mental note to self: Next time I ride to work take a towel and comb.) Four and a half hours of manual labor later, I was still a sweaty mess. Just in time for my ride home, the mercury hit 95. And I'm still gross. An hour after I got home I was en route to L's new house to help her paint. Thankfully the Player's Retreat was gracious enough to serve us beer and a veggie burger for dinner. After dinner we went back for coat two in the living room. My day finished twelve hours after it started. I am exhausted. Completely and totally exhausted. Today was a pretty good day.

Today is my mom's 62nd birthday. The big news in their house? They bought a Wii. They also have an appointment with Social Security. Parents. What are ya gonna do?

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