Monday, August 18, 2008

Oh hai. Can I has a ride?

I left work this evening like I do every evening and walked down to Miami Boulevard to catch the bus. For those of you outside the Triangle, Miami Boulevard is a very busy road in what's called Research Triangle Park, or RTP. This where most people in this area work, at companies like IBM, Glaxo, and BASF. Needless to say, this hotbed of science and technology creates a lot of traffic. I had to run across Miami then walk a little ways to get to the bus stop. I was wearing a button up shirt today and as usual, had my backpack on. As I step onto the grass on the side of the road, I realize a button has come undone on my shirt. The one right in the middle that contains The Ladies. So, I'm walking down the side of one of the busiest roads in RTP, buttoning my shirt, and I realize no one has slowed down or honked or anything. Hey...what am I? Chopped liver? Not that I wasn't totally embarassed, but c'mon, I'm kinda cute! Jeez. Tough crowd.

I am happy to report that Funquita drove like a normal person today. She was actually able to deliver me to Hillsborough Street so that I could get to the art supply store before they closed. With time to spare. Clearly she knew how important it was for me to pick up black paint and a tiny brush to finish Ian's canvases tonight.

On my way home, I saw The Popsicle Bike. Recently, I have seen this young Hispanic kid in a bike, riding up and down Hillsborough Street. On the front of the bike is a big cooler, full of popsicles. I was finally in a position to stop him today. I was on the phone with L, told her I had to go, and hung up on her. (Sorry, L) He was on the other side of the street, on the same block, headed away from me. I started running up a slight hill, in a skirt no less, waving my lunch box, shouting, "Hey, Ese!" I finally got his attention and made a mad dash across the street. Without thinking, I started talking to him in Spanish. I was naturally out of breath by this point. We talked about what he was peddling, for whom he works, etc. He was thrilled I could speak Spanish. He wanted to know where I lived. While staring at my living room window, I said "near here." He wanted to know if I was married. I said I was not. He confirmed I was single and offered to take me to Mexico. (In Mexico, Meg-worship is fanatical. What can I say? I'm hot stuff.) I purchased four popsicles, tamarind, pineapple, lime, and rice, and went on my way. These pops were about twice the size of Locopops and only $1.50 each. I opened the rice popsicle when I got home. It was divine. It tasted like rice pudding. It was milk based, with actual rice and cinnamon in it. Very tasty. Looks like my boyfriend has a repeat customer. Better hurry before we run off to Oaxaca to elope.

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Cailin Yates 16785083 Arbonne International said...

Ah! I miss you! What is up with the speaking Spanish thing? I didn't know... I've lost all mine, I was fluent way back when I was ten you know.