Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Now I remember why I haven't been to a Denny's in 12 years.

I went to see my doctor today because I haven't been sleeping, well, at all recently. When I was leaving to catch the bus, I had about thirty minutes before the bus arrived. I was a little hungry and walked over to the Denny's figuring I could get a grilled cheese quickly. (mmm, grilled cheese. the reason I will never be vegan) When I walked in, I was greeted by Carmen who asked if I wanted to see a menu. I asked her if they made a grilled cheese and told her that's what I wanted. I asked if I could get it to go. Carmen walks over to the register and starts to ring me up. She says it comes with fries. Since I plan on walking over to the bus stop while I am eating this, I say I want to pass on the fries. Big mistake.

"But it comes with fries." Clearly I have offended Carmen on many levels.

"No, thanks. I just want a grilled cheese." Confused look.

"Can they just not put fries in the bag?"

"But it comes with fries."

"Look, I have to catch a bus in 20 minutes. All I want is the sandwich."

"Let me see if we can do that." She calls a manager.

"You have to see if it's okay to not serve someone fries?"

"You don't want fries?" says the mamanger with a very confused look on her face.

"Seriously, I don't. Call me crazy. The bus is coming in 15 minutes. I'm just a little hungry. I don't want to miss my bus."

"Do you want a salad or soup or..." I cut her off. Soup? It's 95 out today and I'm walking down the street.

"All I want is a grilled cheese sandwich. And a Coke. That's it. Is that possible?"

"Yeah, okay. We can't charge you less. Some people get really mad."

"Right now, I couldn't care less. Please. The bus is coming."

Finally, they ring me up. They are still confused.

Carmen walks by with a handful of ketchup packs and a plastic bag with plastic cutlery. I stop her. "I don't need all of that. Can they just wrap the sandwich in some foil?" says I.

"Oh yeah, okay. You don't need this?" says she.

A minute later she returns and hands me a giant plastic bag which contains a big styrofoam box which contains my precious grilled cheese. She grabs a couple napkins and hands them to me while she says, "have a nice day! Come back and see us soon!"

"Unlikely," I reply. Her response was another confused look.

In their defense, it was one of the best damn grilled cheese sandwiches I've ever had.

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Rae said...

oh good grief. I hate that so much. It's like when you try to bring your own mug to a coffee place and they end up in a tizzy. But worse.