Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Other Amy

We have another Amy on the 105. She gets on at the District Drive Park and Ride. She is tall, dark hair, glasses, seems neither too crazy nor too retarded. And she's way, WAY too perky for 7 AM. She's got a rather high pitched voice and she's, like, really friendly. In fact, Amy is just the kind of girl I believe to be, well, dumb. She gets on the bus and has to chirp "good morning!" to everyone. And Amy Number One just loves her. This morning, before Chirpy Amy could even get on the bus because the doors hadn't opened yet, Amy Number One starts yelling, "HI AMY. HAVE YOU WATCHED THE FIRM YET?" My hand to God, she shouted this like eight times this morning. Even after Chirpy Amy answered no. Amy Number One was in rare form today. She had a new book to scribble in. She added the hand clap to her repertoire. All of a sudden she'd clap her hands together just once, like she was trying to kill a fly or something. Out of the blue. Oh, and how could I forget. At one point, she just started laughing. Not like she found something funny, but like maniacal laughter. Like her evil plan was about to come together.

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