Sunday, March 9, 2008

Where will you be in nineteen years and seven months?

Me? I'll be on the bus. The Number 2, in fact. Headed to North Hills Mall.

Is that like having a dream and seeing your own gravestone?

It was difficult to get a good picture of the rolling LED marquis. I'm sure everyone thought I was nuts. That's okay, because they are all nuts. The city just rolled out the new buses. I have to say, they are kinda cool. The seats in the back are "upstairs." You go up a couple steps to get to the back. And the funniest part...they all have that new car smell. Seriously. Normally, I hate that smell. However, in this case, it means they don't yet smell like BO. Anyway, I think someone needs to adjust the date on the signs. Oddly enough, today is daylight savings something day. Spring forward day, or whatever it's called. The time was right. The date was a little off though.

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