Monday, March 24, 2008

Today's observations

I haven't seen Babushko in about a week. Perhaps he took a trip for Easter. Where would he go?

The vet school has about a dozen new calves in their herd. I'm still waiting on confirmation, but it looks like they couldn't be any cuter. Most days when the bus drives by, they are all laying in the grass together. I also noticed that there is a Chik-Fil-A billboard within sight of this particular pasture. It's the kind of sign that has one cow statue standing on the other cow statue like they are painting the sign. I wonder if the cows see it. If they do, what do they think about it?

MSG (metro Sexual Guy) was on the bus tonight. Still rocking the bowl cut. He was wearing the ultimate London Hipster finery...yet another pair of Pumas (I'm going to start counting), his painted-on jeans, not one, but two track jackets, and a Manchester United shirt. Now I know it'll never work out between us. I've always been more of an Arsenal girl myself. He was sitting on the other side of the bus when we left RTP, but a couple stops later when the seat in front of me opened up, he moved over. The sassy bus driver, Funquita, was giving him a hard time because she accused him of sneaking on the bus. He then swiped his pass again and challenged her to find a passenger who would agree with her. Up until this point, it was amusing to watch their repartee, as it were. It became even more amusing when he turned around and tried to enlist my help to plead his case. Luckily I had pulled out my book and iPhone long before. I pretended not to notice. I am beginning to regret that decision. Next time I will engage him in a conversation and see what I can get out of him.

Lately, on certain busses, I've been smelling something. Not your usual BO, too much perfume, stale cigarettes, etc. Waffle cones. I've been smelling waffle cones. I'm not sure what that means. Am I going to have a seizure? Or maybe that's when you smell toast. Am I craving Ben and Jerry's? That may well be. It's bizarre. I can't figure it out. Certainly some old, rickety city bus with 200,000 miles on it wouldn't naturally smell like that. People don't usually smell like waffle cones. At least not the ones I know.

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