Monday, April 7, 2008

My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.

Not much has happened since last Wednesday. Here's what I got:

1. Constant, unrelenting, maniacal laughter from Amy Number One. Seriously. She's gone round the twist.

2. I got off the bus on Thursday or Friday, can't remember which, in the evening. I was about to cross the street and I heard honking. I don't normally assume that anyone honking is trying to get my attention, but this time that was the case. It was Boyfriend, driving an express to downtown. What can I say? He's smitten.

3. I still haven't seen MSG since Barry Manilow was in town. Perhaps he went on tour. Do people do that? Barry Manilow Tour? What would they be called? Copaheads?

4. I have a business trip on Wednesday (to a theme park. take a moment to hate me) and I return on Friday. I plan on taking the bus to and from the airport. On the way home today, I asked Sam if I could arrange for a shuttle in the middle of the day to take me to work. He said yes, but then proceeded to give me his cell phone number in case I had any problems. He said he'd personally drive me to work if I needed it. He's hilarious. I am coming to understand that there are many different reasons why people become bus drivers. Sam, I believe, does it because he genuinely believes he is helping people. Richard does it because he like the captive audience to entertain. There are a few for whom it is merely a paycheck.

5. I just ate a fantastic pear, spinach and gorgonzola sandwich at Helios. I highly recommend it.

6. The first bus was super late this morning. Which means I miss the regular shuttle I take at 7:45. While it pisses me off that I was 30 minutes late to work for the third time in three weeks, it also means that I got to take the 8:15. With Boyfriend. Aside from my prattle about how dreamy he is, I learned today that he is a really interesting person. I was the only person on the bus, which means we chatted for about 30 minutes or so this morning. I learned his name, what he did before he drove a bus, where he's from, where he's going on vacation at the end of the month and why. He talked quite a bit. He's smart and well traveled. He's traveled all over the US. Every state. Impressive.

7. I am reading Into The Wild by Jon Krakauer. I think that it is a really well written, well researched story. I'm about halfway through it. I had to force myself to put it down. I planned on reading it on the plane. Now I plan on reading the second half on the plane.

8. Helios is really cold.

9. Even with zippy WiFi, it's going to take a lifetime to download these movies.

10. On the way home to Raleigh, the bus driver was Cheryl, I think. She is super chatty and hilarious. She was in a very philosophical, deep conversation with the woman up front. She goes to the park and ride, and turns back on I-40. The girl next to me and I were looking at each other, like 'where the hell are we going?" I asked her where she was going. The other girl asks her if she was going down Hillsborough Street. She gets this completely confused look on her face, like she just doesn't know then starts laughing. She says she was going back to RTP. And the funniest part was she couldn't figure out how to turn around.

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Rae said...

I love your stories. Keep 'em comin!