Saturday, April 12, 2008

There's no place like home.

The trip was a success. I had a really good time. Being in the park before it opened was an awesome experience! I totally felt like I broke in. It was great to meet the staff. I was surprised at how hot it was in Agawam, Mass in April. The experience of the park was great. Their theme is DC Comics. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman. This is my kind of park. I am fairly certain that the Disney Empire will be the downfall of Western Civilization. I absolutely hate Disney and everything it stands for. I vow to raise any children I have in an entirely Disney free life. Little girls don't need to grow up to be skinny, beautiful, long haired princesses who live happily ever after in a castle with Prince Charming to be successful adults. Stepmothers don't have to be evil. (Okay, all of mine were, but that's another issue entirely.) I digress. I learned they have folks who dress up in super hero and villian costumes. Wonder Woman. Catwoman. It's someone's job to prance around the park dressed like Wonder Woman and Catwoman. For money. Crazy, huh?

Springfield, however, was a pit. I don't mean to offend to anyone from Springfield, but seriously, it wasn't very nice. In some respects, it seems like they are trying. The crosswalks had this beautiful brick pattern. There was a huge police presence, particularly in front of the Dunkin' Donuts. (I'm just sayin', is all.) But these formerly beautiful, old buildings had broken windows and graffiti. The place was a complete ghetto. I didn't feel safe at all, and that's saying something. Just because the city doesn't have the money to fix up the buildings, does that mean the residents have to destroy them? A building is such a great legacy for someone to leave behind. I know the architects would be horrified if they could see it now. For being in Massachusetts, I was surprised at how young the buildings were. Most of them were in the Beaux Arts or Art Deco styles. If you ever have the misfortune of finding yourself in Springfield and jonesing for Italian food, you MUST check out Red Rose Pizzaria. The food was amazing. The pizzas were huge. The salad was great. I loved it. It's obviously a local joint with a very regular crowd. This was definitely a shining star in Springfield.

Security at RDU was surprisingly polite on this trip. I always get searched. The underwire in my bra always sets off the metal detector. Always. It's gotten to the point that I change into yoga pants and shower shoes and remove the bra before going through security. The last time I wore corduroys and kept my bra on, I got a "special" search. I was frisked by a large chested woman. I kept going, "it was my bra. Surely you can understand that!" She didn't believe the cheap metal in the Old Navy pants was the culprit. With her hands down my pants, she tells me if I don't calm down, she's going to call the police. When they pull you aside for a feelski, they always leave your stuff at the end of the x-ray belt. Do they seriously think that's okay? Someone could walk off with my entire life!!!! Needless to say, I go commando through our airport security. I've never had a problem anywhere else. Even in LaGuardia the December after September 11th! This time, the TSA folks said good morning to me, wished me a good flight. It was bizarre. I stopped to tell a manager how happy I was that they had nice people working there for a change.

I flew Southwest for the first time. They have the most retarded boarding procedure. Your boarding pass as a letter and a number. You have to line up accordingly to get on the plane. Do they think I am five years old? Should A29 and I hold hands?I'll stick with USAir, thank you very much. They may be ass holes, but at least they are predictable ass holes.

Yesterday, I had to get up at 3:30 AM to make a 6:30 AM flight in Hartford. I finally got to RDU at 11:00 AM. Bossman said I had to come to work. Now, I don't know about you, but Megster doesn't do well with little sleep. Or getting up freakishly early. I mean, I am okay with getting up early, but to me, 3:30 AM isn't early, it's yesterday. I was so exhausted. I took the bus to come home. I'd fall asleep for two minutes and jerk awake worried that I'd missed my stop. We'd only turned a corner. Now I know why babies cry so much when they're falling asleep. I was only able to nap for a couple hours, but was able to go to bed at 10:30. (I'm a party animal, I know.) The other problem I have with waking up so early is that my body has a good memory about when to wake up. I work up at 5:30 this morning. "Hey, hey! It's still night time! Wakey, wakey!" Oy vey. I was able to fall asleep for a couple more hours. Luckily tomorrow is Sunday. I have nothing to do except vacuum. I can manage to be awake for thirty minutes to do that.

I posted my pictures of the trip. Click here to see them.

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