Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Super Tuesday indeed!

The guy who drives the 105 that I normally take on Tuesdays always runs late. I've been late to work for the past 2 or 3 Tuesdays. I've started taking the previous bus, to be sure I'll be on time. This has worked out well for several reasons. The first and most obvious, I wasn't late to work. Yay! The next and more unexpected reason is Boyfriend. As I was sitting on a bench waiting, his bus pulled up. He saw me and smiled and waved at me. Yay. As soon as he was parked, he got off his bus and came over to talk to me. Double Yay! Now, realistically, I know he's just a nice guy who sees me often and is just being friendly. (Seriously, it's okay. I don't carry many tote bags, right? See, it's okay. I'm not nuts.) But still, Boyfriend went out of his way to chat with me. Giggle. He wants me. Bad.

Ps. I did learn that he's in school. But I forgot to ask where. I'll ask on Thursday. Giggle.

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