Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Uphill, both ways. In the rain.

This morning, Boyfriend got off his bus and came over to ask me how my business trip was. He hasn't been on vacation, they're just moving him around. (Maybe the TTA decided to separate us for a while. That's fine. Our love is strong enough to withstand a separation.) During our conversation, I found out something else about him that's really interesting. He's a pretty smart guy.

Unfortunately, that 10 minute conversation was the highlight of my day. At 7:40 AM. After that, it was all down hill.

It rained cats and dogs today. This morning, Special Ed sat next to me on the bus and stared at me the whole way and mumbled to himself. He is creepy.

This afternoon, it rained again. The Red Headed Stranger was on the bus already. He started a conversation with me and the girl who gets on at the same stop. He mentioned being concerned his phone would get wet since we were in the middle of a torrential downpour. I gave him my little plastic baggie currently holding my phone. He was happy. I wrapped my phone in my waterproof fleece that was in my backpack.

On my second bus, Bob was already there. Unfortunately, he got off at my stop again. Which means instead of crossing the street and walking into my building, I had to walk four blocks and crawl over the stone wall next to my building. I went south on St. Mary's, east on Morgan, north on Boylan for two blocks, behind the high rise next to me, through their dumpsters, and over the stone wall that's waist high on one side and chest high on the other. My jeans were soaked by this point, both legs and the butt. However, I really don't want this freak to know where I live. If you ever find my dismembered head in the woods of North Dakota, it was him.

If only my day was over at that point. Alas. I went to the grocery store. I am currently self-medicating with gummy sour grapefruit slices from the Fresh Market. If you're lucky enough to live near a Fresh Market, you should try these. I am completely addicted.

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