Wednesday, May 28, 2008

If it wasn't for bad luck, I wouldn't have any luck at all.

I'm back from Vermont. And Montreal. It was awesome. Cold, but awesome. If anyone in Vermont is wondering why I was such a pansy about the cold, allow me to enlighten you. Before I left, the temperature was around 80 degrees. On Monday and Tuesday, it was in the mid 80s. by this weekend, it will be 90 or better. Luckily now the humidity is only around 50%. That, however, will increase exponentially through mid-June. Today was a little cold and rainy, not at all unlike the weather this past week in Vermont. On the agenda for tonight is mostly homemade matzo ball soup and Law and Order reruns. I'm heading to the Farmer's Market this weekend and see what they have. It's time to start jamming. (HA! Get it? Jamming? Making jam? HA! I kill me.)

If anyone who knows my brother is reading this, please let him know that my list of what I forgot in Vermont is growing by the day. To everyone waiting on pictures on Flickr, yeah, um...I forgot the cable I need to hook my camera up to my computer. Grrrr. I also left my favorite dress, favorite shirt, and my copy of the Oxford Companion to English Literature that I found in Crow Books for $7. Luckily I'll see him in California next month. With any luck, he'll remember to bring all of that.

I had a great time in Vermont. I met some awesome people (Yes, you, Hotbox). If anyone is heading past Raleigh on their way to the next gig, holla if you need a place to stay. I promise to have a few beers in the fridge. Burlington is a super cool city. The restaurants are fantastic. We ate at American good. I forget the name of that pub place close to American Flatbread, but their Beetlejuice brew is love in a glass. I am so, so eternally jealous of The City Market (is that the name? the co-op?) It's what Whole Foods is trying to be.

Montreal was great. I spoke with my friend M this afternoon who informed me that she was under the impression that there was a strip club on ever corner. I don't remember seeing any other than the one near the border with the stripping geishas. How exactly does a geisha strip? You know how guy strippers have the rip-away pants? Do the geishas have rip-away obis? I'm just not feelin' it.

What I learned over the last ten days:

1. We hired someone today named Willard Knuckles. Seriously.

2. When going to Canada from Vermont, have you're passport handy. Or know how to operate a bike rack properly.

3. "Je me souviens" does not actually directly translate to "Bring us your souvenirs."

4. I need to live near water. It's a requirement. Preferably within sight from my crib.

5. I make good matzo ball soup.

6. My brother is a hell of a cook. (I'd say chef, but he gets mad when I call him a chef.) His lasagna is better than mine.

7. The TSA is officially my mortal enemy.

8. If properly dressed, I could live in Burlington. Or Montreal. But my Canadian coworker told me taxes in Montreal are obscene. So, I'll just visit. A lot.

9. I have two regrets about Montreal. Number One...I did not once have the opportunity to say "Zut Alors!" and Number Two...I never did get my Croque Monsieur sandwich. I guess I just have to go to Paris.

10. I take a lot of pictures. On this trip, 632. I printed 150 today at work to send to Grami. One of the best perks about my job is the free prints in the office! Yay Kodak!

11. I'm damn tired. The sun rises way to early in Vermont.

Nitey night, y'all.

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