Thursday, May 1, 2008

How does Cordell Walker crash through all that glass and not get cut?

Two episodes of Walker, Texas Ranger and I still feel awful. I've always had a mild obsession with Chuck Norris that can't be explained my any reason whatsoever. I remember a few years back that I had a recurring dream about fighting bad guys, karate-style, with Chuck. (Don't judge. You know you have a freak flag too.)

I'm going to the doctor later today. Hopefully she'll give me drugs that work better than these dark chocolate M&Ms I've been taking. They just don't seem to be working.

Not going in to work today means I have to go in on Saturday. We're down one in the HR department. One of my coworkers was rushed to the hospital on Monday for what began as back and neck pain and turned out to be a aneurysm that resulted in emergency brain surgery!!!!! She's going to be okay, thankfully. She'll just be in the hospital for a couple weeks.

Still no word from the apron swap lady. How rude! I may have to resort to making an apron and mailing it to myself. "Oh! What a surprise! I just love the colors! I wonder how she know I had a rooster theme going on in my kitchen? It's perfect!"

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