Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Today is brought to you by the letter W and the number 105.

Today, the wackos on the bus welcomed me back warmly and openly. I saw The Other Amy's husband at the park and ride. He's not that attractive. She could do much better. Amy Number One wanted The Other Amy to sit with her this morning. She declined. Then she wanted to know what "waterworks" meant. I'm not sure The Other Amy knew because she replied, "um, you know, like a lot of water" in her high pitched voice.

I know the semester is over because there is a new group of Indian kids taking the bus to RTP.

Richard drove my second bus this morning. I haven't seen him in forever. He starts out by saying he can't remember where he supposed to go. He suggests Cisco...about five miles in the other direction from my office. Then he suggests Disneyworld and promptly laughs his head off. He gets to the stop in from of my office and gets on the PA system. He announces that we're arriving at our first timed stop, Dorothea Dix (the local mental hospital) and that he'll be the first getting off.

Bob got off the bus this morning and instead of saying hello to me as usual, he gave me the Evil Eye. Freaked me out a little.

I had yet another day free of Special Ed. Thank god.

The Cherry Cough Syrup Lady was on the afternoon bus. She's this larger black woman who, my hand to god, smells like cherry cough syrup. It's her prefume, I think, and it's wretched. "My, that scent is lovely. What are you wearing? Vicks 44D?"

Traffic today was beyond ridiculous. Gridlock to the point of I-40 being a parking lot just because it's a little rainy. I did work a little late, but I got home at almost 6:45.

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