Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Amy and The Hot Seat

Penny has been riding the bus off and on for as long as I can remember. She takes to 105 to RTP in the mornings. Recently she's been riding the bus more, to and from the park and ride. She seems like she's a pretty cool person. She knits most days and has a tragic obsession with fun fur and acrylic yarn. She's a cute girl. I try very hard not to hate her for her perfect know the type, she never has a bad hair's super thick, has a perfect wave to it-not too curly, not too straight, and it's that great copper penny shade of red. It looks like all she does is wash it. (So unfair to those of us that are follicularly challenged!) Women spend hundreds of dollars to get their hair to look like this. Sigh In my next life....

Friday morning, Penny got on at the park and ride and sat in the seat in front of Amy. She pulled out her knitting and got to work. Hilarity and hyjinx ensued.

Penny: knitting

Amy: moves forward, stick head between seats "What are you doing?"

Penny: "I'm knitting"

Amy: "For who?"

Penny: "For a friend"

Amy: "What's your friend's name?"

Penny: "Jane*"

Amy: "What's your friend's last name"

Penny: hesitates "Smith"

Amy: "What's your name?"

Penny: gives her first name (I'll call her Penny)

Amy: "What's your last name?"

Penny: gives slightly complicated last name

Amy: "What?"

Penny: repeats last name

Amy: repeats last name

Penny: "What's your name?"

Amy: "Amy"

Penny: "What's your last name?"

Amy: "Lamb"

Penny: "Like a baby sheep?"

Amy: blinks

Penny: "A lamb is a baby sheep. Your last name is Lamb."

Amy: "Yeah"

Penny: "It's nice to meet you Amy Lamb" They shake hands

Amy: long pause "Hey, Penny, we're getting a bad storm."

Penny: "I don't think it'll be a bad storm. I think it will just be rainy."

Amy: "Yeah"

Amy: long pause "Hey, Penny, what did you do last night?"

Penny: thinks for a minute "I made dinner"

Amy: "What did you make?"

Penny: "Sweet potato cassarole"

Amy: "What else?"

Penny: "A salad"

Amy: "What else?"

Penny: "um, some tea"

Amy: "What kind of tea? Sweet tea?"

Penny: "No, it was hot tea. A berry tea"

Amy: "What kind of berry?"

It should be noted that by this point, everyone in the front of the bus has focused their attention on these two. The guy in front of me went so far as to put his book down and turn sideways like he watching a tennis match.

Penny: "It was some kind of Chinese berry, I don't know what it's called"

Amy: "What else did you do last night?"

Penny: "That was about it"

Amy: "Did you watch tv?"

Penny: "No"

Amy: "Did you watch the news?"

Penny: "No. I don't watch tv"

Amy: "You don't watch the news?"

Penny: "No, I read the paper"

Amy: "Did you read the paper last night?"

Penny: "No, I read it yesterday morning"

Amy: "What else did you do last night?"

Penny: "I called a friend and I made lunch for today"

Amy: "What did you make for lunch?"

Penny: "I have a sandwich. What did you do last night?"

Amy: "I had supper"

Penny: "What did you have?"

Amy: "Sweet potato cassarole and sweet tea"

Penny: "What else did you do last night?"

Amy: "I watched tv"

Penny: "What shows do you like?"

Amy: "I like The Simpsons and The Family Guy" That's awesome!

I think this went on for a few more minutes. This was seriously funny. I wish you could hear Amy's voice. She has almost a country Southern drawl. Her tone of voice is very monotone but she speaks pretty quickly, especially when she grills someone. She really could have a good career as a detective or CIA agent.

*names have been changed because I just can't remember them at this point.


FoxyMoron said...

*sigh* Life in the country is so uneventful.
That is indeed a great Amy story.

Meg said...

To many on the bus that morning, it was riveting. All I could think was, "I have to remember this. I must blog this."