Friday, September 26, 2008

Bus Cookies: The Saga

Truth be told, the real saga was just getting these pictures uploaded to Blogger.

Step One: Roll out dough. Cut with bus shaped cookie cutter. Bake.

Step Two: Fiddle around with oven rack placement because oven seems to broil everything all of a sudden. Put cookies on rack to cool.

Step Three: Make icing. Remember to put piping tip coupler in pastry bag before icing next time.

Step Four: Ice cookies. Do best you can with super stiff royal icing and small time constraint. (They aren't the sexiest cookies around, but they are hardly worthy of Cake Wrecks. Seriously, y'all, don't even think about submitting these.)

Step Five: Boyfriend gets two cookies.

Step Six: Put cookies in baggies and add "thank you" tag. Pose baggies for picture for high maintenance blog readers (love you!). Take to Transfer Center and give to nice customer service lady.

I got an email from the customer service manager today thanking me for the cookies. I ended up making about 40 cookies all together. There were enough to go to the drivers and office staff. The dough is a great basic sugar cookie dough. The icing was a fairly standard royal icing. It was maybe a little too stiff for sugar cookies with detail. The icing was tasty. It tasted like marshmallows. I'd have to play around with the icing next time to figure out what I'd do to modify it. The icing did make a reasonable size batch, but I had tons left over. I didn't use a lot of icing on the cookies partly because the cookies weren't that thick to begin with, but also because this icing dried so quickly, as in nanoseconds people. Crazy. But crazy good this time, since I was able to do all of this in one evening.

All in all, it was well worth it. they were well received by a great, hard-working group of people. Thanks, Triangle Transit for all you do everyday!


Cellar Door said...

you are so sweet. i have a secret to confess: I'm a former bus driver.

rock on!

Cellar Door said...

P.S. rode my bike to work today:)

Meg said...

No way! You drove a bus? That's so cool! Gosh, I feel bad I don't have a cookie for you too!

Good for you riding your bike to work! Mine's been in the shop. I o get it tomorrow at 10 AM, the second the shop opens. I feel like someone moved my food bowl.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely thought - giving cookies to the bus drivers? Tell me - were they surprised? I mean, they can't get presents very often, right?

Mmm... they look delicious!

FoxyMoron said...

They turned out really well, aren't you clever? What a nice gesture. Should be more of it.