Thursday, September 18, 2008

Red is my favorite color too!

I left for the bus this morning and as usual, I forgot something. I was already running late, so I went to the bus stop at the Chargrill. Babushko was there, decked out in red. Red Nautica jacket (which cracks me up because it's Nautica), a red shirt, tan pants about an inch and a half too short, which revealed red socks. I walked over to me as I got to the stop. He actually started talking to me too! He kept saying "my favorite color red" over and over. I wasn't wearing red but I figured it out. I told him he looked very nice. He did actually. Red is a good color for him. Anyway, he went in to his "nicest lady of them all" routine for a minute or two, then he tells me about this organ performance at a local church in about a month. He's going. He likes organ music. The event is free. I may actually go. It would be fun to hang with him. I do kind of like organ music.

So now I know that when I make him his hat and scarf, it needs to be red.


CailinMarie said...

yay for red!!!! me too me too. I love that his socks were red :-) that is snazzy.
go listen to free organ music... it is good for the soul
and you are silly about the stalker thing... you started it :-)

Meg said...

I did start it. I am an instigator.