Saturday, September 27, 2008

From printmaking class

Here is a final print from the printmaking class I've been babbling about for two weeks now. This is a linoleum block reducto print. Basically, I am making three prints from the same block. Each time I am taking away a little more and using a different color ink. I am mostly happy with the way they came out. This one looks good.


FoxyMoron said...

Nice work Meg.

Meg said...


Anonymous said...

Yes - it really does look great!

Meg said... guys. Thanks.

CailinMarie said...

"mostly happy"
silly goose
I think you should be VERY HAPPY and I am so so so jealous that you are in the print studio
so jealous
did I mention I was jealous?

Meg said...

No, seriously, Cai...if you look at the rest of the photos I posted on FB, you'll see what I'm talking about. On one, the purple ink wasn't quite heavy enough so it's spotty around the edges. On another two, the purple ink was transferred into the center of the artichoke. I like this a lot so I think i might try it again and chalk this up as a learning exercise.

CailinMarie said...

okay I looked on facebook and I though it looked like the purple in the center was on purpose - and the edging spotting thing doesn't get me because it makes it seem "painterly" even though it is print - if that makes any sense
but the drawing, sense of color, contrast, and use of space are all excellent. I will concede that since I cannot LOOK at the print itself you may have room for experience in actually inking but I REALLY think it looks good!

Meg said...

Your awesome, Cailin Marie! I think you make a good point. It was an inking issue.